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This grass was much taller than me! I don’t know what kind of grass it is, so if anyone just happens to be able to identify it from the photo, I would love to know!

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I’m posting this photo for Skywatch Friday from my duck banding adventure at Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge to highlight National Wildlife Refuge Week (10/10-10/16).

Though you can’t see them in the photo, there’s a few ducks and Sandhill Cranes out there that I had spotted with my binoculars!

And one more photo from Rydell National Wildlife Refuge. We Minnesotans love our many statues:

Check with your local refuge to see if there are any events going on near you!

Check out more skies from around the word at Skywatch Friday!

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Most of the leaves have fallen here, but the sky is still beautiful. Now the understory plants get their days in the sun before the cold really sets in.

See more skies from around the word at Skywatch Friday!

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Quercus rubra

Fall is in full effect in northern Minnesota. For some reason, I just couldn’t get a real clear picture of this tree. But I still love the red/blue contrast.

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Skywatch Friday 9.24

I just learned about Skywatch Friday and related memes. So, I wanted to submit one of my favorite pictures. I took this sunset photo a few years ago in the Superior National Forest of northern Minnesota. It reminds me of pastel brush strokes.

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