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I recently decided to take on some citizen science projects while I’m here, because it would simply be a waste not to do so considering how much time I spend in and enjoy the outdoors.

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Image by steveburt1947 via Flickr

I really wish I had jumped on this sooner though for the citizen science project Monarch Watch. Over the last few days I haven’t been able to go outside for more than ten minutes without seeing at least one Monarch butterfly traveling south for the fall migration to Mexico. One way to participate in Monarch Watch is to tag Monarchs so researchers can gain information about survival, migration routes, etc. To participate, I had to first buy a tagging kit. However, based on my latitude, peak migration rates and the number of Monarchs I have seen recently, I don’t think I will get a kit in time. Until I receive one though, I plan to start a journal with my observations on their migration.


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