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I recently discovered twitter. I had of course heard of it before and occasionally stumbled over there. But now that I’ve actually signed up and am using it, I am overwhelmed by the flow of information. There is so much to read!

Anyway, here are some links I’ve stumbled across recently. I know I wanted to add more, but I’ve read so much that I’ve lost track of them…


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  • National Wildlife Refuge Week (10/10-10/16)- To find a local event, check the calendar from the Fish and Wildlife Service or check with your local refuge. I found one event in Minnesota that wasn’t listed on the F&WS event site.
  • Earth Science Week (10/10-10/16)- “Exploring Energy- the theme of Earth Science Week 2010, will engage young people and the public in learning about Earth’s energy resources.”
  • It’s a day late, but… 10/10/10 Global Work Party happened yesterday to face the climate crisis. I helped plant trees for the event! Although 10/10/10 is over, you can see inspiring pictures from around the world and get involved in other ways through 350.org

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