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Most of the leaves have fallen here, but the sky is still beautiful. Now the understory plants get their days in the sun before the cold really sets in.

See more skies from around the word at Skywatch Friday!


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I’m just getting over being sick, so I haven’t been outside exploring much. But I have already started to notice the Carotenoids and Anthocyanins becoming more apparent in the leaves around the house. That means fall is coming. One of my (and many people’s) favorite things about fall is the changing colors, so I thought I’d post some links to find good spots for fall color viewing in Minnesota.

  • The Minnesota DNR’s Fall Color Report does a great job of regularly updating reports for each of Minnesota’s State Parks. You can even upload your own pictures to share what you’ve seen.
  • Explore Minnesota’s Fall Color Report also gives updates from around the state with information from the MN DNR, Voyageurs National Park, the Three Rivers Park District, and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. They also suggest driving routes for fall color viewing.
  • The North Shore of Lake Superior is one my favorite routes for fall colors and you can get updates at North Shore Fall Colors. They also give updates on birds migrating south along the North Shore.
  • Something that I think is new this year is Ely’s Fall Color Guard where you find on a map where others have noted fall colors. You can also map your own finds. Be sure to check out the history of the Ely Fall Color Guard. Ely’s advertising campaigns always make me smile.
  • Lastly, if you enjoy keeping track of seasonal changes check the National Phenology Network. NPN is a citizen science program that always needs people to report in the seasonal or recurring life cycle changes in plants and wildlife they see around them. I will be writing more about this program in another post and sharing what I observe.

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