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Friday feature of facts that I find fascinating but others seem to find frivolous

I’m doing a new weekly feature called Frivolous Fact Friday! I came up with the idea after I was shot down by a friend who is in charge of the daily trivia board at her work. She was having trouble coming up with a trivia question the other day, so I told her to ask:

“What is the only known member of the order Carnivora that is able to taste artificial sweeteners?” (more…)


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Tigon or Tigalo?

I had to make a stop in Fargo, ND the other day and thought I’d check out the Red River Zoo. Unfortunately, it was a weekday and they are only open on weekends now that it’s after Labor Day.

While I didn’t get to go in the zoo, I did get to check out this interesting statue outside. I think it’s a cross between a Tiger and a Bison. Though I haven’t seen that many tiger x bison crosses, it also looks like it has a tumor on its leg. I didn’t see a sign or anything explaining the statue, so I’ll have to go check it out again some day.

I did go duck banding on Saturday. I plan to post my pictures and rundown of the event by tomorrow. Here’s a preview picture of a sweet little female mallard I got to band.

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